With the Honeyaid® bottling machine you fill honey in seconds, but in addition you can also use it to pump and cream honey.

The accessories for this are already included in the scope of delivery of the machine: Pipe bend transverse, extra hose clamp, extra sealing for the pump head and a total of 4 m ( 2 x 2 m) of hose.

You can quickly and easily convert the machine for this purpose. You only replace the wedge nozzle with a pipe bend, the exact instructions can be found in the manual.

Now you only have to change to the corresponding mode of the machine. You have the choice between the operating modes “manual mode” and “timer mode”. The manual mode is used, among other things, for continuous pumping, e.g. transferring from one tank to another. With a water column of 5 m, the machine generates enough pressure to fill barrels even through a bottom outlet.

The timer is very suitable for making creamed honey or for stirring cream. Adjustable are pumping forward, backward, alternating; the time of the total cycle and the running time of the motor in the cycle. This allows you to set, for example, the machine to pump from left to right for 15 minutes, then wait for 2 hours and then pump again from right to left.

After 3 to 8 times pumping over during the course of one day you will obtain creamy stirred honey.

Here you can see the filling set Honey, which is already included in the scope of delivery of Honeyaid®.

Image Banner: Cristina Marin, Unsplash

Image Honeyaid® Filling Set: FILLING EVOLUTION GmbH